End of Life Services

End of Life ServicesAn end of life decision is without doubt the most difficult decision a pet owner may have to make with regard to a beloved pet.

Murray Animal Hospital's doctors and veterinary technicians strive to make such a difficult decision and process the most comforting and peaceful experience as possible for you and your family. Our doctors are experienced in offering advice and guidance through these difficult decisions and aim to provide your family with the peace and closure needed during the grieving process.

Murray Animal Hospital offers humane euthanasia as a means to help our beloved patients pass peacefully and without pain. We honor personal preferences in such procedures and offer both family-attended and non-attended humane euthanasia in a calm, professional and comforting manner. Cremation services are also offered and we would be honored to help your family choose an urn should you wish to preserve your companion's ashes.

Memories are precious, and we also offer Clay Paw imprints with your pet's name to preserve his or her memory. Our memories of our pets are cherished long beyond their years with us.

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