Emergency Services

During our regular business hours Murray Animal Hospital is more than capable of handling any medical emergency that may arise. We do ask our clients to call, if possible, before bringing their pet to us so that we can know the nature of your emergency and be prepared for your visit.

For emergencies that occur after our normal business hours, we refer our clients to:

Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service (AEVS) – Coon Rapids
1615 Coon Rapids Blvd.
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
(763) 754-9434

Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Service – Blaine
11850 Aberdeen St., NE
Blaine, MN 55449
(763) 754-5000

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When Should I Seek Emergency Care?

When to Seek Emergency CareThe decision to seek emergency care may be difficult. Please consider the following guidelines.

You should consider seeking emergency medical care when the nature of your pet's medical condition is serious and you feel that examination by a veterinarian is very urgently needed. If you need help in this decision please contact Murray Animal Hospital at (763) 784-9581 or AEVS at (763) 754-9434.

The following general situations should help you determine if you need to seek out emergency care for your pet:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Acute abdominal swelling
  • Electric shock
  • Excessive vomiting or diarrhea
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Exhibits symptoms of heat stroke
  • Repetitive and prolonged seizures
  • High or low temperature (more than 104 or less than 100 degrees)
  • Unable to urinate or defecate

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